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The Dream Team company's ethos is to expand their business whilst surviving against conventions. Their recruiting of like-minded souls has stood them in good stead over many years. They fight injustices with complete disregard for laws and are passing this legacy onto their successors, the pairing of Barry Parker's long-lost son and a young Chinese girl from Hong Kong. They use Taoist principles and spiritual practices as part of their training regimen, in between taking down a crooked Irish developer in cahoots with a Chinese people and drug trafficker. To further their own business, an Iranian friend scammed in a Spanish property deal asks them to help get his money back. A complete disruption, an elaborate fraud, and a violent raid bring down the Irish developer and his business. The Chinese connection is discovered during their raid and leads them to kidnap a corrupt Chinese diplomat to get Chinese State Security off their backs. The young pair smuggle witnesses out of China along with evidence on the diplomat. It ends with a handover for the ransom of the diplomat in a classic London bridge setting aided and abetted by bees and birds strangely summoned by their mysterious colleague Lin Fu.  Fast-moving and often sensual, their adventures traverse the globe, their experiments with magical, esoteric practices produce mysterious but believable results that leave you wondering if that could really happen. The whole team is an eclectic mix of free spirits always, anti-establishment and unconventional.

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A short story in rhyme. A battle in the parallel world. The constant fight of good over evil.

Some beautiful words for some beautiful beings.

A sheer delight where bees appear again.


Dream Team Adventures Book 1

Barry's life was tough, raised in London's rugged East End in the 60s and 70s, until he made it in business. When a Banker screwed his business, he had to leave the country for work in Saudi Arabia. Along with two beautiful "business ladies" he met in Dubai he cons the bank in a revenge scam. After the Banker hunts down and cruelly abuses one of the team, their loyalty to one of their own knows no bounds.

To save their wealth and 'Face' amongst their friends, they fight back with equal spite. Who are the rogues here in this tale of rough justice?

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Dream Team Adventures Book 2

In this second Dream Team adventure, the team fight a Thai people trafficker and a kidnap for a forced Islamic marriage. Barry, Annie, and Stella's matchmaking vacation in Thailand brings them up against a woman who traffics in human beings. Stella's father's attempt to gain honour by kidnapping & selling his daughter takes them across West Africa. They fight injustice by getting down & dirty. Those cultural concepts of Face and Honour are tackled with violent retribution & rough justice. Their fast-moving and unconventional lifestyle parties them through in this romp of a tale.


Dream Team Adventures Book 3

This 3rd of The Dream Team Adventures moves from Tantric hypnosis in an escape from Saudi Arabia, to Lin Fu's wedding in England. Battered undercover cops, Fire rituals, spiritual awakenings, the rescue of a whole village from a maniacal priest in the mountains of the Philippines, and a dramatic finale with Chinese State Security in both Manila and Hong Kong. Lots of Face loss, Fire magic, and Moral Dilemmas. Who are the rogues here?

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