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An exquisite, erotic, modern true love story. It is Sandra’s story written as Byron’s journal of their life together from their meeting on-line, through many adventurous romps as they travel the world as growing celebrities. They love their art, music, and poetry, while their empathy and liberality involves them in many situations, polyamoral, mile-high, naturist beach orgies, toga parties, and tantric sex, but they become stronger than ever as Sandra takes charge.

This is a book about women’s empowerment, openness, while having fun, equality with power and all along, Byron’s complete devotion to his woman.

Byron George  and Sandra Power Biography

Byron George is the alter ego of the author Brian George. Sandra Power is his muse, his confidant.

We love to write these emotional, romantic stories as if it is real adventure. This is a modern love story, the eroticism is meant to be realistic, to affect the emotions, to tease the reader, to bring out the natural wanting or an adventure of the mind into a fantasy that a modern woman would desire of her partner. It is not meant to be an explicit romp it is sex-positive but subtle. What real lovers would want with a little extra edge.

To have a collaboration with our partners of similar persuasion is just “parfait, and exquisite,” as sensual as that French language. Every chapter is a genuine love story with just that extra. “Je ne sais quoi.” 
We hope you love the stories as much as we love each other in them.

The Dream Team company's ethos is to expand its business whilst surviving against conventions. Their recruiting of like-minded souls has stood them in good stead over many years. They fight injustices with complete disregard for laws and are passing this legacy onto their successors, the pairing of Barry Parker's long-lost son and a young Chinese girl from Hong Kong. They use Taoist principles and spiritual practices as part of their training regimen, in between taking down a crooked Irish developer in cahoots with a Chinese people and drug trafficker. To further their own business, an Iranian friend scammed in a Spanish property deal asks them to help get his money back. A complete disruption, an elaborate fraud, and a violent raid bring down the Irish developer and his business.

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